November 12, 2007

'Mouth Cancer Screening'

Minggu ni adalah minggu Kanser Mulut....kat fakulti nih...ehemm ehemmm....
dan saya pun mengkidnap brosour ni ngan riben biru ni...hehehe
'Dear All,
The Faculty of Dentistry is having a 'Mouth Cancer Screening' programme during the 'Mouth Cancer Awareness Week'. You are invited to the Mouth Cancer Screening from 12 to 16th November 2007 at the Faculty of Dentistry (9.00 am-4.30pm with no screening during the official lunch hours). This programme includes the examination of the mouth to detect oral mucosal diseases and educational messages on mouth cancers.For more information on Mouth Cancer Awareness and facts about mouth/oral cancer, please visit the site '' To all my dental colleagues, you are invited to wear a little blue ribbon during the week in support of the 'Mouth Cancer Awareness Week'. The blue ribbons can be obtained from one of these places: the dental registration counter, Bilik Surgeri Khas(where the screening will be conducted) or the OCRCC office.

Thank you & regards, Prof Dr Rosnah Zain ______________________ Deputy Dean (Postgraduate and Research)

& Director, Oral Cancer Research and Coordinating Centre (OCRCC)

Faculty of Dentistry

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